School Camps


Our School Camp Programme

Primary and Secondary Schools

School camp is a place where active learning occurs on many levels. School camps are a special place to learn. Students who may find it difficult to learn in some school settings will often succeed at a camp setting. Learning at school camp occurs in three areas – personal, social and physical – with strong carryover into a student’s school studies.


At camp, students learn they have the capability to do things on their own. Students at our school camp are responsible for their own space, and know that others depend on them to carry out certain duties. This type of experience starts to change a student’s whole self-concept and their sense of who they are and what they can do. Personal growth also comes through being separated from parents and the security of home. It’s important for students to be away from their parents and family. It allows students to understand that they can stand on their own two feet.


Students work with others at camp they may not come into contact with in their everyday lives. It breaks down barriers that students often put up between each other. At camp students work as a team. Camp builds social capital. It teaches students how to be a good citizen. Camp teaches students how to be successful in life.


Students quickly become aware of their physical prowess and their ability to challenge themselves in various ways. They become strong very quickly. They are moving all day at when at school camp, active from the moment they get out of bed. Whatever physical activity students are participating in, developing physical skills and accomplishing physical challenges builds a great deal of confidence. This self-confidence transfers to other areas of a student’s life.


This page was last edited on May 3, 2018