Primary School


Primary School – PYP Programme

Age: 6 to 12 years

Our primary school curriculum embraces the philosophy and aims of the IB PYP programme. Teachers plan units that encourage inquiry and international-mindedness, allowing students to work to their strengths, deepen their understanding of the world around them, and work towards becoming responsible global citizens for the future. English and Mathematics remain a key focus in our classrooms; students also engage in a broad spectrum of specialist subjects; Music, PSPE, Visual Arts and Mandarin.

Throughout the PYP programme students are expected to develop knowledge and skills with ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship; critical and compassionate thinking; a sense of the universal values of shared humanity; a respect for the variety of cultures and attitudes that make up the variety of life; an understanding of community; an active engagement in charitable projects.

Development is achieved through active participation in transdisciplinary learning, and include five essential elements:

  •  a focus on key concepts such as function, reflection and change; exploration of relevant, important topics to build a body of knowledge of local and global significance;
  •  the acquisition of essential skills to conduct research, communicate effectively, respond to real-life challenges and think critically and    creatively;
  • the fostering of positive attitudes such as tolerance, respect and responsibility;
  • an opportunity for meaningful action and social service.

Learner Profile
Teachers provide parents with a curriculum overview, which details the units of inquiry, learning content, specific outcomes to be addressed for the year and the strategies/skills on which to focus. Students explore traditional subject areas through integrated Units of Inquiry, organised around six transdisciplinary themes that provide the framework for the exploration of knowledge. Through the inquiry-based approach students develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, develop particular attitudes and learn to take socially responsible action. By engaging in inquiry based units throughout the year, students become:
* Inquirers
* Communicators
* Thinkers
* Risk-takers
* Knowledgeable
* Principled
* Caring
* Open-minded
* Balanced
* Reflective

Transdisciplinary Themes
Our Primary school programme is built around six transdisciplinary themes at each year level, that identify inquiry learning considered to be essential, globally significant, common to all human experience, and unifying for students worldwide. These themes provide the framework for all units in every Primary school class. Our transdisciplinary themes are:
– Who We Are;
– Where We Are in Time and Space;
– How We Express Ourselves;
– How the World Works;
– How We Organize Ourselves;
– How We Share the Planet.

Specific information on the inquiry units, such as the Central Idea and lines of inquiry, as well as detailed subject-specific outcomes, are included in the curriculum outlines distributed to parents every year. A copy of the school’s ‘Programme of Inquiry’ can be obtained from the PYP Coordinator of the school.

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