Welcome Back to School!


It was so exciting to welcome our students back to school. How wonderful to have the learners back. They were all smiles and bravely waved goodbye and eager to join their teachers. They were so delighted and inspired to see the beautiful provocations waiting for them to ignite their curiosity.

Our number one priority is student safety, health and care.

Safety General

The school has a number of ongoing safety measures in place around the school, including

  • Cameras
  • Strict gate visitor procedures
  • Badge identification for all students, staff and visitors.
  • Continual staff training in safeguarding students.
  • Daily inspections of campus.
  • Rostered teachers on duty.
  • Students are escorted when transitioning between classes.
  • Regular training for staff on proactive supervision.
  • Staff wear safety vests when on duty so as to be easily identifiable to students.


  • Government has set in place strict procedures and requirements prior to opening and to be maintained during this current period.
  • There are numerous checks and balances, including regular inspections by the different government departments, mandatory training, upgrades and procedures, including that all suppliers and contractors must be approved by the government.
  • Constant vigilance in meeting the government requirements
  • Videos to support students in adapting to new procedures.
  • Daily health lessons from teachers.
  • All staff have completed additional training – Including all Teachers, School Nurse, Cleaners, Kitchen Staff and Administration Staff.
  • Large signage placed around the school to support and reinforce healthy practices.
  • Use of disposable cutlery and eating utensils,
  • Twice daily temperature checks.
  • Government Su-kang required everyday for anyone entering the school.
  • No visitors are allowed into the school buildings.
  • Parents visiting the school must have their Su-Kang and may only come to the entrance and may not enter the school proper.


Contact Information:

Address:      8 Qing Ao Nan Lu, Jianye, Nanjing, 210019 南京市建邺区青奥南路8号
Telephone: +86  (025)  86696778 国际部  (025)57628289 双语部
Email:         joy.xi@etonhouse.com.cn/enquiry-nj@etonhouse.com.cn

Website:   www.nanjing.etonhouse.com.cn/

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This page was last edited on June 11, 2020