Winter Concert 2020


The festive season is upon us, with Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year just around the corner. For everyone here at EtonHouse Nanjing we kicked off the celebrations with our annual Winter Concert.

In a year that has seen much compromise and change to normal routines, it felt wonderful to have this tradition continue. Seeing students on stage, performing for parents, friends and teachers is always a wonderful celebration of our skills and talents.

This year’s concert saw teachers and students working with Ms Yuliya, Ms Lynn and Mr Kurt, in the month leading up to the concert. With everyone taking time to learn songs, master dance moves and refine our musicianship, it was acknowledged that with the restrictions always a possibility, we would incorporate an extra element. So with the help of Mr Graeme, we first performed ‘Virtually’ for our audience, and worked to produce a wonderful video of the concert, creating a fabulous memento of this year’s concert.

Then, on Wednesday, students performed the Winter Concert in a more traditional way, in front of a live audience. For many parents, this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the efforts of their children, so it was fantastic to see the entire audience area filled with familiar faces of family and friends.

With so many wonderful performances, I would not like to choose a single highlight, except that if I had to guess a highlight for our students, it would have to be the early visit from Santa.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

All the staff at EtonHouse Nanjing

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