PYP Year 5 & 6 Exhibition!


The years 5 and 6 students displayed their hard work, commitment, and dedication to their learning by producing an exceptional exhibition, despite having done the majority of their schooling online this semester!

The students developed their skills in research, paraphrasing, observing and recording, collaboration, communication and so much more while putting together informative and engaging presentations for other students and teachers. They chose a range of interesting topics and the outcome was remarkable!

Check it out!

The PYP Exhibition is an important event, it’s a celebration of the students’ success, and even though, due to Covid19 restrictions, we were unable to open the Exhibition up to the community, the students put in no less effort. They were outstanding. The Exhibition is a chance for the students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their years in PYP, and that is exactly what they did! We saw many skills and attributes in action, the students hard work was well worth it.



This page was last edited on June 11, 2020