Admissions Checklist


Admission’s Information


Pay the Registration Fee

Completed EtonHouse Application Form and sign Terms& Conditions

After registration, you will be arranged for an interview. After the interview, we will inform you whether you pass the interview or not. Registration fee cannot be refunded no matter the interview is passed or not.



Please complete the enrollment process at least one month before the commencement at school.

Copy of Child’s Birth certificate and Passport

Copy of Parents’ Passport

Copy of Health Certificate or Transfer Approval

Child’s immunization record

One-inch color photo (two pieces)

School Fee (details as followed)

School Fee

The tuition exclude the fee of uniforms and Meal/Snacks. You can choose to pay for either half or one year. If the child needs to take bus or have B/D, you have to pay for one month in advance.

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