Leadership Team


Our School Leaders

School Principal: 

Mr.Arturo Ruelas, our principal.

Principal Arturo Ruelas has 18 years of teaching and management experience and a focus on educational innovation and strategic leadership, and he used to spend six years as principals of bilingual school and international school in China. He is devoted to advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the campus and serving the needs of all students, as well as paying attention to teacher-student relation, parents and the school, home-school relation and staff relation. In AY 21/22, Principal Ruelas will be engaged in more in-depth dialogue with staff, parents and other community members to make more efforts to support and inspire students.

Mr.Chris, our vice-principal, works in Etonhouse more than 13 years. 

Administrative Leadership

Facility: Ms. Anna leads the important area of facility manager. From cleaning, to facility repairs, to ensuring health and safety is maintained at a high level, Ms. Anna is busy every day leading a large team of support staff in making our environment the best it can be.

Human Resources: Ms. Lily has the important role of ensuring staff benefits, documentation, and contracts are maintained and up-to-date. This needs exception organisation which Ms. Lily has in abundance.

Security: When you arrive at our school, it is likely Mr. Sun will be your first contact. Mr. Sun works with the security company as the school contact and ensures school procedures are followed and our students and staff are kept safe.


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