Leadership Team


Our School Leaders

School Principal: Mr. Chris has been with EtonHouse for many years at schools in Singapore and China. He has unique skills in that he has experience teaching and leading all three IB programmes. With this knowledge and skill, Mr. Chris is also our Coordinator of all IB programmes throughout the school.

Administrative Leadership                                                                                                                                                                                       

Facility: Ms. Patty leads the important area of facility manager. From cleaning, to facility repairs, to ensuring health and safety is maintained at a high level, Ms. Patty is busy every day leading a large team of support staff in making our environment the best it can be.

Human Resources: Ms. Lily has the important role of ensuring staff benefits, documentation, and contracts are maintained and up-to-date. This needs exception organisation which Ms. Lily has in abundance.

Catering: Mr. Charves works for Sodexo, a company that provide catering services to many schools in Jiangsu. Mr. Charves considers all aspects of his catering role professionally, making changes as required due to our students’ needs. He provides Halal dishes, considers allergy requirements and gives a mix of Chinese and other types of food to ensure there is something for everyones tastes.

Security: When you arrive at our school, it is likely Mr. Wong will be your first contact. Mr. Wong works with the security company as the school contact and ensures school procedures are followed and our students and staff are kept safe.

Maintenance: Mr. Ni takes care of those everyday problems that can occur around the school. From electrical, to plumbing to repairing school resources, Mr. Ni takes care of it all.


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